Discover How To End The Cycle of Self Sabotage & Breakthrough Your Inconsistent Income



Before: Living with his dad, with barely any money to his name, "practically penniless", working dead-end jobs


After: Built his business to $230,000 in one year, while traveling through places like Bali and Thailand, met his girlfriend and moved to Thailand


From $0 to $144,000 after only 6 months!

Why is it so hard to consistently achieve bigger goals, grow your business, income and craft your ideal lifestyle?

After working with over 500 success driven entrepreneurs to grow their business and develop powerful new habits, I’ve discovered the one thing that statement from achieving their goals.

It’s called the identity acceptance Trap.

Before I tell you what the identity acceptance trap is, you must first know what it is that causes some people to achieve their goals and others not to

You see, when we set out to accomplish a new goal, our deep ingrained beliefs and stories dictate the action that we do or do not take

Your beliefs control your actions and your actions control your results – this is why those who are successful continue to succeed their beliefs are on their side.

And why others who fail continue to fail, their beliefs or not.

Now what causes us to have these beliefs? It’s called our Identity.

Your identity is a compilation of your subconscious beliefs, stories, views and  it controls everything that you do. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never  get any long-term results that are not in alignment with your identity.

Your identity being aligned with your desires is what gives you the ability to create and stick to powerful habits, to do what you know you should be doing and to consistently increase your results

But if your identity isn’t in alignment with your desires, then it will always be your biggest barrier.


When it comes down to it we don’t rise to the identity and reality that we desire, we will always fall to the identity and reality that you accept – our "normal"

Identity acceptance is what causes you to have short term wins and go right back down to where you started, this is also known as self sabotage.

I am sure that you’ve experienced the identity acceptance trap before.

The Identity Acceptance Trap can be anything like

  • You had a $20,000 a month one month then go back down to $5000 the next month.
  • Holding onto all of the money you make and not investing into your business - ads, delegation, etc. even though you know it will help you grow
  • Stopping something in your business that you know is working for no good reason
  • Getting in shape, going to the gym, then not going anymore and getting out of shape
  • Starting a new routine that has you feeling great, then stopping

The identity acceptance traps happens when you find yourself on track  to achieving your goals - then stopping...  Or continuing to do the work yet hitting a plateau with your results

In simple terms …

The identity acceptance trap is little actions that you takethat get you off track of achieving your goals 

And when this happens you feel disappointed, yet a sense of comfort also kicks in, because you’re doing what’s “normal quote to you".

But then the feeling disappointment becomes greater and you dont desire to settle, which causes you to get right back to work, trying to force your results, making little progress and then getting trapped on the same cycle over and over again.

This is the real reason why it’s such a challenge for you to breakthrough the plateau you are facing, to build your business and increase your income.


But I’ve figured out a way to completely break this vicious cycle.

How Do We Get Rid of The Identity Acceptance Trap?

We follow strategic processes in order to use your lack of results, combined with the results you desire, to recreate who you are

We Call It The

Identity Upgrade accelerator


What Is The Identity Upgrade Accelerator?

It is a strategic, systematized process to give you the ability to fully understand who you are, why you are where you are, the barriers that are holding you back – And how to reprogram your mind, beliefs and identity in order to become an unstoppable version of yourself - The 4.0 Version of you


How do we do that?

We Do This With Four Phases









Phase #1



Believe is the first phase as this is the foundation to everything, without it, you will never achieve any long-term results.

In this stage you are strategically upgrading your Identity

Your actions are always first followed by your beliefs, it doesn’t matter which strategies or tactics you know, how much knowledge you have, without beliefs you will continue to follow the same patterns over and over again.

And we are not talking about surface level beliefs or a temporary "motivated identity", this is where you are reprogramming and rewiring your mind from the inside out, developing a true "I can identity" – causing you to always take action and move towards greater growth progress and elevation.

How you do this : Phase 1

Power from pain

  • embracing the past, present and future in a way that causes you to never go back to the same you
  • then developing the 2.0 version of you by strategically reprogramming your identity

Phase #2



You never truly begin, until you do the real deep work within believe.

In begin you were creating massive clarity around where you were going, but from this new standpoint of truth, who you now are, this higher version of yourself.

From the version of you who has removed all the blocks and is extremely real and clear with yourself.

Let me explain:

We’ve all set goals Dash and either completely miss these goals or force our way there, in a way that created so much sacrifice and took so much joy out of our life.

And this is why a lot of entrepreneurs fall short Dash they burn out from the force, get fed up because of lack of results or feel like there’s an impossible roadblock no matter what they do they can’t break through.

There is no consistency in you achieving your goals, in your income growth, in your business growth because there’s a lack of clarity.

With clarity and systems to measure and track your progress, continuous growth becomes a lot simpler - What’s measured in track grows exponentially.

If you have clarity, you’ll have confidence, if you have confidence you’ll have commitment if you have commitment you will have consistency and if you were consistent you will achieve victory.

After you create the unshakable belief, create massive clarity, you then moving to the next phase.

Phase #3



Building is obviously essential to achieve anything, buildings action you are ready taking action.

But without phase 1 into your building through force Dash causing a lack of alignment, which is causing plateaus and stagnation.

Now by going through the previous two phases you were building as a version of yourself who is aligned with your goals, you have increased your vibrational frequency causing a new P align with those higher goals that you have set for yourself.

You have increased which you are tracking and acting in accordance to, the opportunities you see, the action you take, which causes building/growing your business to be in flow, to be simplified.

The right people, opportunities, events in alignment with you show up to support you along your journey to simply your accomplishment and achievement.

Phase #4



You have stepped into an accomplished the 90 day objectives, one year games you have set for yourself inside of the begin face by taking the action in the build face – you feel empowered.

Now you know it is time for you to upgrade yourself and step into the next level version of you to achieve your next level desires.

Following this strategic process your identity continues to transform,

The successful CEO who earns multiple 6 to 7 figures, who has a powerful team and has his ideal lifestyle.

You were continuously asked “how you got so lucky “and I looked at as an anomaly – with true, pure confidence and a sense of pride / because you know you have now arrived..

and it’s not time to go to your next destination, knowing that it is inevitable.

Look at what others have done using the Identity Upgrade Accelerator



Before: Running in circles, jumping from one business to the next, not making anything work, feeling completely disconnected from his family


After: Made over $18,000 in 6 weeks, continuing to build his business and connected to his wife and daughter in a way that seemed impossible


Results after only 6 weeks!



Before: Stuck in a job, alone, feeling lost unsure of what to do next


After: Launched his course with 500+ students, built out his vegan donut business, quit his job and got engaged




Before: Business was stuck, felt like nothing was working and was thinking about quitting


After: Within 4 weeks had his largest week ever, closing over $39,000 in business - Became the top team in his market


Results within 4 weeks



Before: Business stuck at 6 figures, continuously trying new things to "crack the code" unable to grow


After: Built his businesses and income to multiple 6 figures to 7 figures per month


Mike went from stuck at 6 figures to building his businesses to multiple 8 figures

Here’s what I got to help you use the Identity Upgrade Accelerator

The Identity Upgrade Accelerator. It’s an online training program specifically designed to help you consistently grow your business and income, by transforming your identity – even if you’ve done the personal development work, I have learned the strategies and tactics and putting in the work, yet are still running into plateaus.


Transforming your identity doesn’t only cause you to shop differently in your business, but create a transformation in your relationships, health, and overall lifestyle.

Like these men here :



Before: No purpose, no direction, working a "dead end" job


After: Built his business, making over 6 figures, moved to Nashville Tennessee, met and married his dream woman and is continuing to build his business and step into the life of his dreams


Results after only 2-3 months!



Before: Stuck in 9-5, feeling frustrated like there is no way out


After: Built his business, quit his 9-5 and is living life on his own terms


Andrew now has a sought after lacrosse training company - Strive Lacrosse and runs his business full-time

Inside the Identity Upgrade Accelerator you’ll get:

  • A complete step-by-step training system taking you through believe begin bill become.
  • Specific documents and assignments to transfer your identity business business and income.
  • Weekly live Q&A + training calls.
  • Private Facebook community for accountability daily support.
  • Progress tracking systems.

The Identity Upgrade Accelerator is designed to do two things

1. Transform/Elevate your Identity

We have spent 7+ years developing a systematic program that will guide you and take the guesswork out of your growth - Creating your desired reality and growing your business and income.

This is where you will be banishing the beliefs, habits, cycles identity that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck and frustrated and developing the new empowering 2.0 version of you.


2. Grow your business and income

This program is a Results German program and while giving you all the tools to transform your identity with completely transform your life.

We also provide you with the exact tools to make the growth of your business and income simple as well.


The steps to transform your business results will cause you to be efficient, effective and extremely productive, removing any procrastination or stagnation.

Legitimately helping you achieve more in the first three days of the week than you would typically achieve in the first three weeks.

This program is going to support you in crafting your life of freedom joy happiness and wealth through a combination of…


Mindset Belief Reprogramming


Healing Childhood Wounds


Rewiring Your Mind


Upgrading Your Identity


Strategically Breaking Down Your Business


Setting Clear Trackable Objectives


Powerful Efficiency Tools


A Powerful Network


Next Level Accountability

Here’s what the Identity Upgrade Accelerator will do for you

  • You’re going to achieve an unshakable level of confidence.
  • You are going to find yourself committed to your objectives in a way you have never been before.
  • You will drop off old habits that held you back and develop empowering habits.
  • Your thinking process will transform-causing you to see act and attract in accordance to what you desire.
  • You will be more productive and efficient with your business and overall actions.
  • You’re going to begin making more money in your business.
  • You will craft your business and life in a way that supports your desires.
  • Your identity will transform making everything external world much simpler than it ever was.

Take a look at Alex who used the Identity Upgrade Accelerator to transform his business and family life

Alex is thing the only going inside of the Identity Upgrade Accelerator to have a story like this.

We have hundreds of guys who have transform every area of their lives.

Here’s what you need to do next…

If you want the Identity Upgrade Accelerator to help you grow your business, increase your income and completely transform your identity so you can finally feel proud of your results and step in to your “next level life” of freedom joy and happiness - then click apply now to apply to exclusive Excelerator program.



Before: Working at a gym as a personal trainer, trying to get his business off of the ground


After: Launched his Fitness Gear and training Business, grew it to 6 figures +, quit his job and stepped into a powerful relationship


Raphaels Fitness Company VELA continues to grow and launched his first fitness book, partnered up with the Unstoppable Foundation non-profit



Before: Stuck in his corporate job, with no way out, trapped by student loans, feeling disconnected


After: Built his business, replaced his job income and quit his job within 3 months of joining Power and Purpose - Got into a relationship and moved to a new state




Before: No savings, living paycheck to paycheck. Felt "stuck" in engineering school with no business


After: Dropped out of school and built a drop-shipping business that scaled to $10k/Month + within 3 months. Invested in Crypto and is working on buying businesses and real-estate


Results within 3 months



Before: Stuck in his job, business isnt growing, unclear on what his next steps are


After: Confidently launched his business, moved across country with his girlfriend and is continuing to grow and scale his business and income


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