A 30 day challenge to help you Master The Art of Sexual Energy Transmutation for Wealth, Health, Sex and Longevity (Cultivating Male Sexual Energy)

If You Are Tired of:

  •  Feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated
  •  Constantly battling with yourself to take action 
  •  Continuously procrastinating and second guessing yourself 
  •  Watching life pass you by


And You Want To:

  •  Increase your sexual energy 
  •  Increase your clarity, confidence and certainly 
  •  Become more disciplined and focused
  •  Increase your productivity and results
  •  Easily take action toward your goals 
  •  Increase your attraction - to the opposite sex, business partners, opportunities 
  • Move differently than the other men around you 

Over These 21 Days You’ll Learn How To...

  1. BUILD Your Sexual Power with semen retention and other action practices
  2. BRING your Increased Power & Energy into all areas of your life - Business, health, relationships - To amplify your results
  3. BECOME a greater version of you - With a high level of clarity, confidence and discipline - Taking action in a way that leads to the achieve of your goals and high levels of fulfillment 


  • Step by step guidance/ instruction on implementing Semen Retention 
  • Daily videos to walk you through your 21 day journey 
  • A group to support you throughout your journey 
  • Access to ONE group Q&A call after completing day 14 


How is this different from Free youtube content? 

  • You are getting daily step by step guidance and instruction throughout all 21 days 

Do my chances for Prostate Cancer increase with Semen Retention? 

  • I am not a doctor, but no it does not. If you are moving the energy, which we will teach you, there is not greater risk for prostate cancer and we will even be covering things to make it less likely for you to get it (All Previous studies that were done did not take other factors into account 

How does semen retention benefit other areas of my life? 

  • You are reprogramming your mind, increasing your energy and enhancing your vibration frequency, feelings, etc. You will be taking greater action, have more discipline, confidence, etc. because of the mental shifts and attracting greater things into your life because of your vibrational shift

Will it help with premature ejaculation?

  • Yes. When you master semen retention, understand the proper breathing techniques, your Point of no return and how to draw your energy, premature ejaculation is no longer an issue

How long do I have access to the training?

  • Lifetime access to the training

What if im not happy with the training?

  • You can get a refund prior to accessing day 5 of the training. Once you make it to day 5, the refund is no longer available.

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